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Hi, my name is Karl Dean and those are photos of my curved penis above… I’m not shy to show them to you, in fact, I am very proud because what I achieved in a few weeks is amazing… it changed my life actually.

If you have been living with a curved penis / bent penis and have now decided that the time has come to do something about it, you have definitely come to the right place because the relief I experienced needs ‘passing on’.

The internet is full of sites about getting bigger, but no one seriously addresses penis curvature without trying to sell you an enlargement pump or medication.

I can prove to you that not only is it possible to straighten a bent penis without medication or torture devices, but also without surgery.

MY penis curvature was a problem for most of my life until I discovered this.

Why was this website developed?

Primarily because I know that I have found the solution, but also because, since childhood, I had penis curvature which I was able to correct completely as I approached my 40th year, thanks to a very helpful and insightful conversation with a consultant urologist.

My bent penis became the source of some real deep routed insecurities for me and because it made my penis look shorter, I became guarded and withdrawn, missing out on and avoiding many ‘normal’ activities.

You can plainly see the changes I experienced in about three months… changes that became permanent.

This isn’t a con, trust me, this works.

I decided in my thirties that, although my partner didn’t mind my curved penis and in fact, it sometimes proved to be an asset during love making, I felt uneasy about its appearance.

Over the years, because of communal showers at school and in sports clubs, it had become common knowledge that my penis was ‘bent’ and on the small side because the bend shortened its appearance. Penis curvature can make the penis appear substantially smaller and when straightened, the change can be dramatic.

Ok, I was no ‘monster penis’, nor did I want to be, but I was so self conscious and it constantly played on my mind.

The psychological aspect of the problem haunted me… I don’t know whether you feel the same way, but I can tell you right now that I no longer feel that way.

My curved penis always made my penis look so much smaller than it actually was, but I knew that if I could straighten that curve, all would be well.

Does it work?

In the two photos at the top of this page, you will see how my ‘U’ curve has been straightened and in the two pictures below you will note that the left curve is straightened.

I never thought it would work… I was so sceptical and advice from doctors always involved surgery to remove scar tissue or some other invasive procedure but actually, they were never very positive about it.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.


So, how did I straighten my bent penis?

Over around 3 months, I researched and tested a number of penis curvature straightening techniques but they all proved unsuccessful.

A curved penis in a 40 year old was going to be difficult to correct… or so I thought.

Then I met this guy who told me EXACTLY what I should do. I actually met him quite by chance because I had taken my son to see him about the exact same issue I had been born with, with my foreskin attached to the head of my penis.

I spoke, at length, with a Urologist at a local hospital who told me about a technique which he had recommended to a number of his own clients that had produced really excellent results. He seemed quite guarded about giving me the information, but saw my plight and told me as much as he could in such a short session. I think his guardedness came from the fact that he felt that medicine should have a better answer and as a professional, he shouldn’t be sending me off with such basic information… anyway, he told me and I am so glad that he did.

shutterstock_297414641If you look at the anatomy of the penis, you can see that beneath the skin lie a number of layers and the one to look at in the image on the right is the Tunica Albuginea because it is this part of the penis’ structure that causes bends. The inside of bend is where tightening of this layer occurs, this may be due to thickening, injury or, in my case, training during penis growth due to a one sided foreskin tightness.

Regardless of the cause, the technique I show you will straighten the curve. How do I know it will work with you? Just look at the example photos I was sent by clients… these are pretty extreme but I have seen other photos that are far worse that have also been helped.

After talking to the Urologist, I made notes sitting in my car immediately after the appointment and immediately started implementing what he had told me.

The results were incredible

After a month, I noticed significant changes and I became very excited by the results I had achieved – and it is this that I pass on to you today. Growth and dramatic straightening. To be honest, my wife also started commenting BUT, I hadn’t told her what I had been doing, mostly because I didn’t like the thought of her being at work, knowing that I was at home doing this… it seemed a bit odd to me. She would have been fine with it I am sure. 

I remember one day during sex when she commented “you feel much bigger, why is that?” I still said nothing but the emotional ‘pay off’ was amazing… I felt like a ‘man’. She never commented on my size or shape previously but, in my head, she was thinking it!

When I later told the Urologist (who I saw at a dinner party, believe it or not) how my bent penis had been cured, he smiled and raised his eyebrows.

He had obviously been keeping a secret that had been passed to him… maybe through medical training, something that, perhaps, isn’t usually passed on.

It’s so, so simple to do.

It’s just so simple to do. In fact, I can’t believe that the technique isn’t passed on through doctors and Urologists everywhere.

Look at the results

The diagrams below, created from the photos above, demonstrate just how amazing the changes I achieved were.

My bent penis was bigger, straighter and both the upward and sideways curve was gone!

I couldn’t be more relieved.

Tracings taken from actual photographs

The difference in the shape of my penis is quite astonishing… it’s certainly no longer bent!

Not only did my penis become much straighter, but it increased in length and in girth quite considerably.

It grew in length from 5.9 inches to 7.1 inches in three months, an increase of 1.2 inches and I believe that around 3/4 of that was actual growth, the rest was because of straightening out the curve. The girth increased by 3/4 of an inch.

Like I said, I am no 70’s porn star but I no longer consider the size and shape of my penis.

This never fails to produce dramatic results.

If you have a curved penis and you don’t do this, you are missing out on something great… my bent penis was straight again after years of desperation.

Naturally this website is about penis curvature correction and not about penis enlargement, but, if you can add a few centimetres whilst straightening your penis, who’s complaining?

How did it change things?

The results were miraculous for me, in fact someone at my sports club even noticed after swimming one day, he said, “Have you had dick implants?” I was shocked at first but having looked down and considered the question rationally, it was a fair assumption to make! It really ‘hangs normally’ now.

I would have never dared to shower with other men before when my penis was bent. I was too worried about who might see it.

My penis looks fatter and longer both flacid and erect, but the straightening has changed my psychological outlook on life completely.

The dramatic physical changes produced even more dramatic psychological changes.

I now go to the gym and have also lost weight. My confidence has gone up at least 100%.

I believe that my male pride was diminished because, deep down, I knew what lurked below, hiding away in my underwear and it impacted negatively on my self confidence and other aspects of my life.

My confidence levels are higher than ever before, I just wish I had done this earlier in life.



“I have sent you these photographs of the amazing results I have had using your program Karl. I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the outcome, my curved penis is now straight again. I hope you will be able to use them on your site to show other men just how much success is possible.”

Bill Keth. Utah


What will YOU achieve?

The 4 images below show the varieties of penis curvature. A combination curvature is when the penis bends in two plains, in other words, when a person may have an upward left bend. It doesn’t matter how your bent penis manifests, this will always work effectively.


Combination penile curvature is no more difficult to eliminate than a single curvature.

As you will see from my photographs above, I had a pronounced left/upward combination curvature.

BUT, it DID NOT prevent this technique from working.


Do you have Peyronie’s disease? If so, this will work for you too. Peyronie’s is caused by a hardening of the supportive tissues of the penis which causes those tissues to contract, shortening one side of the penis, causing it to bend. This technique straightens that bend. I have had people do this and correct curves FAR worse than mine… it may take a little more patience but it still works.


“I am 36 and have lived with the embarrassment of my very curved penis since childhood. Now it’s straight and my self confidence has gone off the scale.”

R. Dale. USA


If your penis is more curved than mine, this method will work, it just may take a little more time to get satisfactory results.


“If only I had known about this earlier in my life, I could have avoided years of hiding myself away from women. My penis was so bent that intercourse hurt me and the women I was with. I just gave up eventually, it was so depressing. My once bent penis is now at least 60% straighter and I am carrying on. I don’t know how to thank you Karl.”


“In three weeks my bent penis has been straightened Karl. I can’t tell you how this makes me feel. Thank you so much.”

Ben. E.

“You have done me such a massive favor and all those other guys you have helped with their penis curvature. It was so simple to do Karl. Cheers.”

Adam. D.


I receive many emails like these from Calvin in Raleigh NC and Ben and Adam in the UK.

I am so glad I have helped you guys with what I have published.

Whether you have a penile curvature due to Peyronie’s disease, foreskin adhesion, where the foreskin is connected to all or part of the penis glans, or whether you have no idea what caused your bend, I will show you how you can permanently change all that, starting right now.


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The changes start to happen right before your eyes.

I would love to receive any before and after photos or testimonials you can send to me.

Take care




Karl Dean

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